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Serve In Style With Our Gold Plated Corkscrew

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This signature wine opener is the PERFECT wine bottle corkscrew opener. Not only does it look great but it’s guaranteed built to last. Complete with a double-hinged arm which provides leverage unlike other openers. Easily open your favorite bottle of red or white thanks to the double hinge, which will smoothly pull out a cork of any size. Don’t forget about the integrated foil cutter. This allows you to open many different types of seals with one sleek instrument so you can get to your favorite bottle of wine faster. The gold plating is what ultimately sets this  corkscrew apart from others. It makes for the perfect gift for yourself, your loved one, or your best friend.

Instant Sophistication

The gold plating sets this wine opener apart from any other opener on the market. Instantly add style and sophistication while hosting a party or simply enjoying a well-deserved glass of wine after work. Easily open your favorite Pinot Noir or Pinot Grigio in style.

Drink Quality Wine Use Quality Products

You wouldn’t drink bad wine, would you? So why would ever want to use a bad wine opener? Set the gold standard with this gold plated corkscrew. This opener is built to look good and last. You’ll love how easily your favorite bottles open thanks to this opener. With a quality accessory like this, your love for wine will only continue to blossom and grow. No more stubborn stuck corks, bits of cork in your wine, or pesky foil getting in the way of the perfect pour. If you want better wine, use better products.

Easily Open Your Favorite Bottles

Thanks to the double hinge opener, you can easily access your favorite wine in five turns. What other wine opener can do that? This gold plated wine opener not only looks good, it works well beyond your wildest expectations. Whether you’re throwing a big dinner party or have an important date night planned, don’t let a stuck cork foil your plans. Get a consistent opener every time you want wine.

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