Cigar Humidors are much more than boxes to keep your stash. Any cigar affeciando knows that high-quality cigars are very delicate. Improper conditions can lessen the taste and consistency of even the best brand-name cigar. This means you want to keep them in a controlled environment to ensure the perfect moisture level. Rather than leaving your cigars in a dry room, a tight box, or a closed-up case, choose a stylish humidor.

Our premium humidors not only do the job to protect your cigars but provide you with a classy and elegant case that will impress everyone. Check out our Almond 50 Cigar Humidor. This case comes in an almond finish and is Spanish cedar lined. It’s unique routered design and adjustable divider make it ideal for every cigar lover.

A beautiful Cigar Humidor to enjoy your most cherished moments don’t have to look like basic boxes. Creating a great experience means using tools that are not only beautifully designed but offer you a little luxury on the side. Your cigars are worth it.