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Orbita is the world’s leading manufacturer of Watch Winders for automatic watches as well as manually wound watches and made in the USA. With worldwide distribution, the latest in technological advancements and a 2 year manufacturers warranty this is sure to be the best watch winder you will ever buy.

A high-quality watch should not go everywhere you go. For instance, the mountains, the beach, or your favorite dive bar are some of the locations where a flashy watch is - and should be - out of place. So to keep your watch up-to-date and on-time, you should consider using an Orbita watch winder to keep your watches ready and running properly.

Orbita offers high-end watch winders that complete that task. Made in the U.S.A., Orbita is one of the leading brands throughout the world and produces beautiful and affordable watch winders using only the finest materials. 

The motor is Swiss-designed and complemented by Italian-made cabinets. If you want the best affordable watch winders, Orbita is your best choice. Their large collection of winders offer plenty of choices for the real watch aficionado. Whether you need a watch winder for one or more automatic watches, they have one of the best inexpensive watch winders available.

Orbita has two main variants: the Rotorwind lithium system and Programmable AC-powered motors. The Rotorwind models are the most popular ones, and they utilize lithium battery packs that typically last between 3-4 years. The main advantage to the technology is that it needs no external wiring. Because of this, it can be installed in a cabinet or safe without alteration. 

The Programmable models provide more functionality and are usually installed in more lavish boxes. The Rotorwind models have two turn-per-day settings (high and low), while the AC models have several turn-per-day adjustments. 

We have a variety of Orbita winders available in different styles, and finishes. If you have one or more automatic watches in your collection, a winder is a great investment. And in our opinion, Orbita winders offer some of the best options for the money on the market.