Orbita Avanti 6 Automatic Watch Winder Macassar Carbon Fiber Programmable W70001


  • Orbita Avanti 6 Watch Winder
  • Independently Controlled Rotors
  • User Programmable Settings
  • Extremely Quiet Operation
  • Macassar/Carbon Fiber
  • Includes 5 Year Lithium Batteries
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 14.0H x 16.5W x 9.75D
  • Weight: 28 Pounds

    Regular Price: $4,995.00


The original AVANTI 6 has been Redesigned to now include 2 built-in storage drawers for watches, pens and personal jewelry items. The case is constructed of Macassar with carbon-fiber trim panels. Two glass doors provide visibility and are lockable for security.
The result is a highly attractive watch winder case which looks appealing whether in a contemporary or traditional background setting.

Inside are six PROGRAMMABLE winder modules powered by 5-year Lithium batteries.

Programmable Sophisticated Microprocessor Control for winding cycles of 650, 800, 950, 1300 Turns-Per-Day (TPD). Programmable Choice of Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise, or automatic reversing rotation.


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