Orbita In-Safe 4 Rotorwind Automatic Watch Winder Open Front Black/Creme W21500


  • Black Vinyl with Soft Cream Suede Interior
  • Freestanding portable In-Safe 4 Watch Winder with open front
  •  Four Individual Watch Winders each have an On/Off Switch in addition to Master On/Of Switch.
  • Removable Pedestal Base for ease in stacking, and storing inside your safe or vault.
  • Orbita’s “Made in the USA” Rotorwind Movement.
  • Wireless: Operates on four Lithium D-Cell Batteries.
  • 11.5H x 10W x 7D
  • Weight: 9 Pounds
  • 2-year warranty


Orbita’s compact portable and wireless Insafe 4 Watch Winder with open-front design keeps your most valued timepieces wound while stored securely in your safe or vault.
The Pedestal Base is removable to provide clearance for tight spaces within the secured vault or safe area.
Compact, the Insafe 4 measured (inches) 11.5H X 10.0W X 7.0D with base and weighs 9 lbs.
The case is constructed from light-weight wood panels, mitered and glued construction covered in durable black leatherette.

The Insafe 4 utilizes Orbita’s innovative patented Rotorwind winding movement featuring ball-bearing construction and solid-state controls ensuring a long and maintenance-free life.
Each Winding Head is individually powered with its own On/Off switch in addition to a Master Switch.
The Orbita Insafe 4 is powered by four Orbita lithium D-Cell Batteries.
Rotorwind is unique in that it swings an automatic watch, rather than rotating it.
This specific movement mimics the natural swinging action of the wrist.
A series of oscillations triggered by a single revolution of a low current draw-drive motor, power is needed only for either 10-minute cycles with an estimated 900-950 Turns-Per-Day (TPD) or 15-minute cycles with an estimated 750 TPD.

Battery service life can be measured in terms of years not months.
Comes complete with a 2-year warranty for any defects in materials and/or workmanship.
An extended warranty is available for purchase through Orbita.
We are a fully authorized dealer.

Model W21500


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