Orbita Voyager Single Travel Watch Winder Battery or A/C W36000



For the Business or Leisure Traveler, take this winder with you!

  • Winding Box for Single Watch Designed for Traveling Black Leather Case Made in USA Watch winder on leather wrapped base. Operates on four AAA Batteries.
  • Includes Easy-to-carry, Suede-lined Leather Carrying Case.
  • Movement: Orbita’s “made-in-the-USA” patented Programmable Winding Movement.
  • Programmable with High setting 1300 TPD and Low Setting of 800 TPD and your choice of Clockwise or Counter-clockwise Rotation.

Dimensions 4.0H X 6.0W X 4.0D     2.0 Lbs.



Both the base and the stainless steel mounting cylinder with mounted watch fit securely into the included easy-to-carry, suede-lined leather carrying case.

The Voyager 1 is a modern-designed freestanding watch winder on leather stand to display your most prized timepiece.

The Voyager 1 Watch Winder employs a miniature gear motor concealed within the stainless steel drive rollers.

Your watch, cushion mounted, slips inside the the plastic-lined stainless-steel watch holder cylinder and winds, depending on your desired programming using the Hi/Lo switch on the base-plate.

The base is wrapped in Black Leather.

The Voyager 1 Watch Winder measures (inches) 4.0H X 6.0W X 4.0D weighing approximately 2.0 lbs.

Mounting your watch is easy. Simply grasp the center cylinder and press out the cushion.

Close your timepiece around the cushion and place it back inside the stainless-steel cylinder and replace the cylinder back onto the rollers.

This great traveling Watch Winder uses 4- AAA Cell Batteries.

The Voyager 1 Watch Winder utilizes Orbita’s “made-in-the-USA” patented Programmable Winding Movement.

The sophisticated microprocessor control has Hi/Low winding cycles, 800/1300 Turns Per Day (TPD).

You may choose clockwise, counter-clockwise by reversing the base-plate 180º.

Comes Complete with a 2 year warranty for any defects in materials and/or workmanship.

An extended warranty is available for purchase through Orbita.
We are a fully authorized dealer

  • Color: Black
  • Model: W36000
  • Year of Manufacture: 2010-Now
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • MPN: W36000
  • Material: Metal
  • Brand: Orbita
  • UPC: 00748136360000


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