It’s hard to beat the elegance of beautifully designed timepiece. The most dedicated watch enthusiasts from all over the world attend BASELWORLD, the industry’s century-old tradeshow held in Basel, Switzerland featuring all the latest releases from prestige brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breguet, and Cartier. But if you couldn’t make it to Switzerland this April, fear not: here’s a summary of the latest trends in 2018.

  • 1.Precisely! Three Hand Watches – A watch, first and foremost, is an instrument for telling time- a fact which did not escape designers in 2018. While the minimalist simplicity of a two-hand design has held some appeal in years past, there is a current trend towards returning the second hand to the watch face. While not a necessity for every wearer, the second had provided precision and that connects a timepiece with its roots and speaks to…
  • 2. Vintage elegance – In a world of ‘smart’-eveything, it’s no surprise that vintage looks trend among watch designers. The beauty and precision of a well-crafted time-piece naturally evokes admiration for the creations of yesteryear. Retro designs ranging in inspiration from the Roaring twenties to disco-chic of the seventies appeal to the nostalgia for simpler times when the world seemed to turn a little slower. Santos by Cartier and Memovox Polaris by Jaeger-LeCoultre were among the best examples of retro designs at Baselworld.
  • 3. The Blues – Breaking from tradition, blue dials have continued to trend strongly for the last five years, providing an alternative to more classic white and black. The elegance of blue in a variety of hues adds a brilliant depth on which to set other details. Blue faces at once appeal as both dignified and artistic, adding an element of intrigue to each piece.
  • 4.… and Greens! An emerging trend for green dials paired with leather and gold bands provides a handsome and colourful alternative to blue. While a playful foray into color, green evokes a sense of nature and also pairs well with neutral tones, making it more dignified than one might expect.
  • 5. Bigger isn’t always Better – After years of bigger and bolder pieces, a trend towards narrower dimensions has been developing in more recent years, averaging 39 and 42 millimeters for men’s designs. Even Panerai, a pioneer in large instruments surprised by presenting models in 38 millimeter cases for the first time.

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