The people who own quality timepieces often spend a fair amount of money on them. This is because these luxury watches are specially-crafted and engineered for durability and precision. But such a watch requires maintenance and attention to guarantee that it continues to function precisely for years to come. One of the best ways to properly maintain your watch is to use a watch winder.


Because a good watch winder will keep your watch perfectly charged. Before perpetual movements were developed, watches were wound by hand. Today, most modern watches integrate this type of movement which automatically winds the watch when it is worn.

Therefore, the simple movement of the wrist will keep the watch working accurately. But if the watch is not worn every day, it could stop working while lying inactive, causing you to have to wind it before you wear it again.

While the watch-winding process has been simplified over the years, some watches have complex movements that include annual calendars and even moon phases. This can make accurately hand-winding a luxury watch with complicated movements rather tricky.

Luckily, there is a clever tool that can accomplish this job for you. A watch winder is typically a small box with a battery-powered motor. The motor slowly spins a cup that’s holding the watch.

Watch Winder Prices

Watch winders vary in type and price and similarly to your investment in your luxury watches, you do not want to purchase a bargain-priced version. Cheap watch winders can break rather easily and at times can run too fast or for too long.

High-Quality Watch Winders

A high-quality watch winder will have a sturdy case and a noiseless motor. Some models even allow you to adjust the turns per day or even run all day. This is beneficial because if you only wear your luxury watches on special occasions (like many people do), it can be carefully wound while you are not wearing it, guaranteeing that it remains precise. Simply program the watch winder for how many rotations you want per day, and it will perform correctly.

Whether you wear your watch a couple of times a week or just a few times a month, a watch winder is a smart investment. Our selection of watch winders combines stylish construction with high-end technology.

Using reliable rotors and easy-to-use programmable controls, you can store multiple watches simultaneously and auto-wind them all to specific times.